If you can read this… You’re at the NEW Dabbled Site!

[29 Jun 2009 | By | 3 Comment(s) | 2,051 views ]

breezyIt really is a leap of faith to move your website!

It’s not finished yet, but I set up this page (which looks pretty much like the old Dabbled site) to tide you over until I get all the spiffy new stuff up. Let me know if you see any issues or broken links, and you can feel free to poke around the rest of the site, but it’s not anywhere near done yet.


(oh, and leave a comment, so I know that’s working too!)

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  • Joanne [] :

    Everything is looking great! I’m loving the new banner! Can’t wait to look around more!

  • admin [] :

    Thanks! It’s still a major work in progress :)

  • Hope [] :

    Hey- I just re-subscribed (in google reader) and this post was there. Hopefully, I’ll get updates too. We’ll see.