Illustration Friday – Breezy – a second one

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This was the one i had in my head… didn’t come out exactly as planned, but ya can’t win ’em all, i guess. I posted one earlier this week that I like better, but doesn’t fit the theme as well.

c nancy dorsner – 2009
watercolor/ink on paper

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  • Regina [] :

    Love those little guys and the idea that a umbrella and a little breeze can take you places. Your whole robot series is very sweet.

  • josh pincus is crying [] :

    This is SWEET! Nice job!

  • The Green Telephone [] :

    Wow, this is so lovely! I really like your style.

  • Diana Evans [] :

    Hi Nancy!!! I love it…what a wonderful piece and so perfect for Breezy!!!

  • ~Rani [] :

    So creative!

  • Giggles [] :

    So unique and fun! Love it!

  • 3rdEyeMuse [] :

    I really liked the other one, but I like this one even more! sweet, sweet illustration. :)

  • Nathanael Lark [] :

    Very nice!

  • kslaughter [] :

    Oooo….I love this one! I’m a huge fan of umbrellas ; )

  • ValGalArt [] :

    i think the perspective is wonderful and robots are always a winner :)

  • Kacey [] :

    Hahaha… just love the two characters left on the ground. So cute! Nice work:)

  • Mam'zelle Roüge [] :

    Funny concept and nice illo :)

  • Candace Trew Camling [] :

    cuuuute!! love the little characters!

  • Peter Breese [] :

    This little dude is in for a wild ride. Always enjoy the watercolors. Reminds me to do some myself :)

  • Michael O'Connell [] :

    love your robots… great fun!

  • Honor Bowden [] :

    Ooh- this one is so gorgeous! I just love your watercolor works. : )