Illustration Friday – "Drifting"

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“Calgon, Take Me Away…!”
I just finished this up, and I thought it was a perfect fit for “Drifting”…
drift : 1. To be carried along by currents of air or water.
OK, I guess it would have to be a big bathtub to drift, but the feeling is there!

My friend Carissa asked me if I would design a graphic for a website she’s working on for a friend’s blog (Mommy is in the Bathroom), and this is the image I did… Cute, huh?
Graphic for "Mommy is in the Bathroom" blog

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9 Comment(s) »

  • Eric Barclay [] :

    Very cute!

  • Connie [] :

    Still the all time best way to drift away to someplace better.

  • Pepi [] :

    Que preciosidad,muy coqueta en su baño,me gusta mucho…..

  • 3rdEyeMuse [] :


  • Jack Foster [] :

    Nice Dot!!! She may not be literally drifting away, however in her mind she's far away. Love your style!

  • Indigene [] :

    I don't know how many times, I've asked to be taken away, but the water just goes down the drain…lol! Great line work with loads of expression!

  • ArtSnark [] :

    fun & cheery piece

  • Joanne [] :

    Love it! I'm *still* working (mentally right now) on finding a blog format that I like (thanks for all the feedback/ideas) and may be engaging in your services as well…

    Thanks for sharing!

  • ValGalArt [] :

    very, very cute!!! i would love to drift like this too :)