Illustration Friday – "Electricity"

[11 May 2008 | By | 0 Comment(s) | 2,431 views ]

The Power Plant generates Electricity, but this hard working bot gets his energy from WD-40 Cola!
Click thru to see the full image – blogger cuts off the side.

Oh, and since I posted it pretty late last week, be sure to check out last week’s (Bad) Seed.

Illustration Friday - Electricity

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  • Vhrsti [] :

    Hey, thank you very much, you are very kind to me. Your works are brilliant!

  • Raluca C [] :

    really nice set-up!I´m amaized to see to many diferent outcomes of this week theme!

  • Lisa M Griffin [] :

    What fun, I love the industrial look to this piece, not only in the subject matter but in the color scheme as well. Thanks for sharing.

  • Tiddly Inks [] :

    Love it! I need a shot of WD-40 cola! It will increase my energy….

    I like the boy Bad Seed, btw! :)

  • NANCY LEFKO [] :

    very clever and so well done….really cute.

  • Bella Sinclair [] :

    This is GREAT! I love the background and his glowing little…bottom. I also really enjoyed your previous posts. The bad seed brother is hauntingly superb!!

  • Rui Sousa [] :

    Fun, really great!

  • Rrramone [] :

    Mmmmmmmmmmmmm. WD 40 cola. I think I’ll have some now!

  • josh pincus is crying [] :

    Nice work!
    Great minds think alike, I guess….

  • Faruffa [] :

    So fun, I love the expression on robot face … how he looks his cola!

  • studio lolo [] :

    really clever cola touch and I love the butt-glow :)

  • Tony LaRocca [] :

    WD-40 cola would go down smooth! (drum fill)

  • Connie [] :

    I did go back and check out ‘seed’ and both in that illo and this one it is obvious you can do atmosphere and light like noone else! Nice.

  • Brine Blank [] :

    Nice design…I like the color contrast effect you have going on with the background and foreground.

  • ValGalArt [] :

    This is hilarious and wonderful! also because i use WD-40 all the time I am very drawn to this dude :)

  • mike r baker [] :

    That’s great! Loved you bad seeds too. :)

  • Tracy [] :

    This is SOOOO good! I love it! :)

  • Dot [] :

    thanks for all the comments! i feel so loved :)