Illustration Friday – Enough

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I think he has more than enough in his wagon… But if he has enough beer, he may not realize that Festivus 2008 includes a pig roast!

Busy week with little internet connectivity, so you’ll have to make do with this little piggie, the mascot/logo I just did for our local neighborhood festival.
(oh, and with the internet problems I probably won’t make it to visit everyone’s illo friday’s this week, but if you leave a comment i’ll make sure to stop by!)
Pencil sketch, messed with in illustrator and colored in photoshop.

Click thru for larger
festivus logo

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  • Digital Scott's Illustrationblog [] :

    This great illustration has a really nice quality to it.

  • Juan [] :

    great piece!

  • Dot [] :

    thanks guys!

  • NANCY LEFKO [] :

    cute guy…hope he can dodge the BBQ…..

  • Josh (musarter) [] :

    Nice illo. I really like the lettering style. And who does not love “Festivus” and a beer.

  • atomicvelvetsigh [] :

    yay lol we had a pig roast (lechon) festivity here and i used to visit the province to witness it.. lol they even dress up the roasted pig with gowns and crowns before the crowd swarm in and indulge with their sense of smell, sight and taste!

  • Katie [] :

    Thanks dot, really like your festivus pig. Great lines. Great color. Love it.

  • Roberta [] :

    He looks quite unaware!

  • sketched out [] :

    That’s an awfully cute piggy there. I love how you have the lettering stacked up in the wagon. Adorable!

    Poor little pig though. Maybe if the rest of the Festivus revelers drink enough beer, they’ll forget all about the pig roast, hee hee!

  • andi butler [] :

    super cute piggie!! thanks so much for visiting my blog!

    a : )

  • ValGalArt [] :

    very, very cool Dot! i love your pig!

  • studio lolo [] :

    My sister has a pig roast every year and likes to taunt me with it! (I think they’re barbaric.) I hope this guy just keeps on a moving!

  • Solvere volo [] :

    Cute piggy! How about a vegetarian feast this time, eh?

  • Loni Edwards [] :

    This is great! I love his little feet and tiny tail :)

  • Christy [] :

    Festivus!!!! We need a festivus pole around here! :)

  • Diana Evans [] :

    wonderful work Dot!!! too cute

  • Lisa M Griffin [] :

    Love your piggy… we should set him up with “Posey”! Have a good weekend.