Illustration Friday – Paisley Meets Slither

[23 Jun 2010 | By | 12 Comment(s) | 3,350 views ]

Why of course I didn’t take the sketch I never finished for the “Slither” theme, add some quick paisleys to the background, and try to pass it off as the Paisley theme this week! How could you even think such a thing!?

Original sketch:

Illustration Friday – Paisley Meets Slither
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12 Comment(s) »

  • Christina [] :

    great idea! I like the snake’s expression!

  • Dot [] (author) :

    thanks, Christina!

  • josh pincus is crying [] :

    This is awesome. The colors are great the style and composition are wonderful. And you are awesome.

    Now do I get the business cards?

  • linda [] :

    Hehe… it’s lovely colored. Do you just color digitally…wacom?! Very cool…

  • Eric Barclay [] :

    I love this kind of humor. Great character and concept.

  • jack foster [] :

    Hey Dot! This guy is so cool! I love your style and your character design. Fantabulous!!!!

  • diana delosh [] :

    It looks like Paisley may be hard on Slither’s digestion. Love the face.

  • Sara [] :

    She sure is full now!

  • khwhitaker [] :

    excellent! made me laugh

  • Linda Pinda [] :

    Super Cute :)

  • Stella [] :

    So cool. Can you elaborate on your workflow from pencil sketch to final design?

  • Dot [] (author) :

    Sure, Stella… but probably better to respond in another post, rather than in the comments :)