Illustration Friday – "Seed"

For the Seed theme, my mind went immediately dark and evil. I present to you “The Bad Seed”. No, no resemblance to my darling son. No, really. Nothing like that ;)
Original pencil sketch at the bottom of the post.

Illustration Friday - Seed
Pencil sketch, colored in Photoshop.

This is actually modeled on the original drawing that I use for the Dabbled logo. It’s of a little girl all cute and victorian, in a similar pose, holding a bloody knife. Yeah, a little creepy, but don’t we all have a dark side? :)

Here’s the original little murder-girl. Which do you like better, her or the bad seed brother? The style is, of course, very different.
what a cute little doll

And here is the original sketch, sketched on the deck of the cabin in the mountains this weekend!
Seed - Original Sketch