Illustration “Friday” – Shaky

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Old Mr. Buttons is a little bit shaky at times, but he’s always got a kind word and some candy.


Not my favorite coloring job, but I love the design of the old robot. :)

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Illustration “Friday” – Shaky
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  • damon [] :

    very cool

    i like

  • Indigene [] :

    It’s well done, and darn it, very cute!

  • Eric Barclay [] :

    Yay, another Dot Robot! Really great piece; love the warm tones.

  • Howie [] :

    All robots should be painted in lovely watercolours! Beautiful!

  • tom [] :

    this is great! great job with the coloring. Is it digital?

  • Aaju [] :

    Love your style! Real cute robot =)

  • Dot [] (author) :

    Thanks guys!

    Yes, in this particular case, the ‘watercolor’ is digital. I drew the sketch in my sketchbook, and the paper it was on wouldn’t hold up to ‘real’ watercolors! So off to the scanner it went…

  • Diana Evans [] :

    This is awesome Nancy!!! oh my heavens I haven’t been here in a while…so much to catch up on !!! wonderful work!!!

  • Nessa Dee [] :

    Great illustration!

  • robin [] :

    Really a great character! You put such wonderful personalities into your robots – a rare talent indeed!


  • Roberta Baird [] :

    Your work is always so clever!!!

  • Ioana Vlad Munteanu [] :

    great illo!