Illustration Friday – Vacant

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The first place winner of the Dabbled Halloween Contest (check out the winners, cool stuff!) chose an original graphic as her prize, and requested monsters in the bathroom for her son. So that’s my IF for this week! Which yes, is REALLY late, but I have Halloween to blame for that, honest!

Oh, and if you missed it:
-Earlier today I posted the Dabbled Interview with Jenifer Nakatsu Arntson – Really cool vinyl goods!
Halloween Food Wrapup with how-to’s
My Halloween Party costume pics!

Sorry, the shower is definitely NOT vacant!
No, The Shower is NOT Vacant

And thanks to Diana for reminding me about Museumr
Here’s last week’s IF, framed in a gallery! Too Cool :)
The Repair Robots

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  • Cindy DiBlasi [] :

    Very cute! You need some scrubbing bubbles to come and clean the monsters out of that shower!

  • Pratap [] :

    are colors important for an illustration? can you make a line drawing illustration as a hit?

  • Dot [] :

    Not sure I understand your question. A line drawing can be a powerful illustration, it just depends on what you’re doing with it. We actually discussed this here regarding a black and white line drawing, if you’re interested.

  • Alina Chau [] :

    SO cute!

  • Dot [] :

    thanks so much! this one was fun to do.

  • Katie [] :

    That shower is vacant of human life. Very creative and wonderful illustration.

  • Peter Breese [] :

    Wonderful and congrats on the gallery work. Dig the Halloween food as well!

  • Dot [] :

    thanks hun, but it’s not really a gallery work, it’s one of those web apps that makes it look that way :) click the link above to do your own!

  • Patrick [] :

    Excellent critters. The ones in my shower are much…ickier.

  • Chris [] :

    Great critters. I like the orange guy in the lower left and the blue tones on the top guy. Really nice!

  • Kate [] :

    Oh my gosh! So cute, and I LOVE the Halloween yummies (and yuckies!!) below!

  • Fadas & C.ª [] :

    Ehehee! Love your characters! Great colours!

  • Lisa M Griffin [] :

    Love your Vacant entry… what adorable little creatures you have illustrated. I myself, prefer an empty shower. Thanks for sharing. =)

  • Peter Breese [] :

    So funny, I thought that looked a tad large for an IF project, but I do know that some folks use old work for new IFs :).

    Very cool and fun, it should be in a gallery!

  • Honor Bowden [] :

    Hehe…. that’s a crowded shower! How fun that museum thing is – I think I spent a little too long over there though lol.

  • Honor Bowden [] :

    Hehe…. that’s a crowded shower! How fun that museum thing is – I think I spent a little too long over there though lol.