Illustration Friday – "Wide"

[21 May 2008 | By | 9 Comment(s) | 5,014 views ]

Here is my Illo Friday from last week… sketch is here.
I wanted to do something inspired by vintage advertising posters, plus i figured this would be a cool label for when i got around to making Limoncello (Kinda like the Bacon Vodka label from prior!)

Pencil, colored in photoshop

Suggestions welcome.. i’m not totally thrilled with the coloring job…

Also, if you have a topic for another label, i might do it next :)

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  • neil [] :

    Hi Dot

    I dont mind the colours at all! They do have that retro feel which is something I like a lot. As for another product to advertise what about Fiery Jack liniment? It is an actual product but the label has been the same for centuries it seems.

  • Michael [] :

    Thanks for visiting and your kind words!

    You definitely captured the feel. May add some sort of light texture to show an aged look…

  • Michael [] :

    That should be “Maybe add…”, not “May add…”


  • ValGalArt [] :

    I’m surprised you are unhappy with the colours because I think they impart a very vintage feel! It makes me want a limoncello and that is what a poster is supposed to do :) very successful, i’d say!

  • sketched out [] :

    Yes, I must concur, the colors are great and feel very much like a retro poster. It also seems perfect for Lemoncello. Love it!

    Also, Bacon Vodka sounds good actually, hee hee. Bacon… vodka… what’s not to like, right?

  • Diana Evans [] :

    Hi Dot…this is an awesome piece and fun take on the theme this week…oh and I love lemon flavoured stuff…yummm!

  • rbaird [] :

    It’s awesome Dot!

  • Bee [] :

    I like your use of photoshop here… nice design quality to the image. Looking further down your blog, your sinister ‘bad seed’ is just fantastic (especially the little girl)

  • studio lolo [] :

    I concur with all of the above! I love this piece!