Interesting stuff from the interwebs…

A long overdue inspiration post:

Chewing Pencils, an interesting cartoonists blog, is doing a series on marketing yourself as a cartoonist – even if you’re not a cartoonist, some really good interesting info: Chewing Pencils

A adore Instructables.. I’ve put several out there over the past year, and it’s a great place to get inspiration as well as instructions on how to pull off the inspiration. Anyway, they’re having a contest, and the winners go in the new O’Reilly book, so if you’ve got a tutorial you’ve been thinking about doing, go do it!
They’re also looking for instructables which answer some burning questions.. so check it out, you may know the answer!

Regular commenter Hello, I’m Sally has a neat tutorial on how to make jam, that sounds so easy that i might even be inspired to try it! Check it out.

And I put a call out to my twitter friends (if you’re on twitter, friend me!! do send me a msg so i know you came from here..) for good inspiration, and got some good stuff back:
TinkuGallery recommended this really cool pottery artist: Diane Fayt.. Some gorgeous work.. I’m impressed!
and Joscie had some adorable robot scrapbooking – and you know how I love robots..