Tips: Pencil sketches in Photoshop

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Jessica Rae asked: “I draw a bit, and I love Photoshop but I’ve never been sure of the process for meshing them. When you scan in an image and use it, how do you then bring your graphic to life with the darker outlines? (Multiplying the layer?) Sorry if this is a stupid question, or a far too complex one. If you have anywhere you could point me I’d be so grateful.”

Honestly, I’ve never had an official class in photoshop or anything, so what I do has been discovered by trial and error. One obvious answer is to ink the sketch, then scan it, but I’m too lazy to do that. So I created : The Lazy Girl’s Guide to coloring a pencil sketch without inking it.

Lazy Girl's Guide to transforming a pencil sketch  (1 of 3)

Lazy Girl's Guide to transforming a pencil sketch  (2 of 3)

Lazy Girl's Guide to transforming a pencil sketch  (3 of 3)

Check it out, and let me know if you have other cool techniques you’d like to pass along!

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  • Jessica Rae Writes [] :

    This is incredibly, amazingly helpful and awesome! Plus – your monkey drawing? Oh-so cute! (And I’m not a huge fan of monkies.) Thank you so much. I hope to try this. I don’t own a scanner but I have access to one, luckily. And thank you so much for providing the free vector link, that will be super handy. Also, you didn’t just write a tutorial, you wrote one that is easy to follow and interesting. Kudos on being awesome! :D

  • Dot [] :

    thanks! it was fun, and i was drawing the sketch anyway, so it was easy to do.

  • Jessica Rae Writes [] :

    Easy to be a genius, eh? Hehehe. I wish I had a scanner. I have access to one, but I don’t own one. [ Note: I feel someone should know – I’m wearing pigtails and listening to The Little Mermaid broadway soundtrack. Hahaha. I was 12 when the movie came out, though, I think. ]