Last Chance to win free art!

Art PostcardsI want to thank everyone who has filled out this survey for me about — The information has been very helpful to me with the new art website, and I’m working right now on creating a store for art stuff (and probably some Dabbled stuff too) and this survey is providing some great information for that!

If you haven’t filled it out yet, you have a few more days, so please do take a few minutes and do it … pretty please!? It this point I’m especially interested in which are your favorite pieces, and what pieces you might like to see on t-shirts and cards (which are probably different!). And if you help me to pick your favorites, then when I get the store up, you’ll find stuff you want to buy!!

Oh yeah, the win FREE ART:

As added incentive, everyone who fills it out will be entered in a drawing to win a set of 4 5″x8″ art postcards, suitable to keep or to mail to friends! Just a little thank you…! (Don’t think you’ll win? You can buy them here!)