Linky Tuesday

Here’s a few cool links to get your day going!
Me Want Cupcakes via Neatorama. (I can’t seem to trace back the original source of the image though, if anyone knows please post.) Looks like it would be relatively easy to recreate!

He may want to watch out for the slayer, though …Dragon*Con 08

Other fun stuff:
Pattern for a cute knitted “tea cup” at Pom Pom Emporium

Make your own cheapy 3D Camera with instructions from Photojojo!

Make PacMan and Ghosts at Crafting with Cat Hair’s 80’s craftalong.

Some Art Fabric has a cool instructable for making new crayons out of old crayons

Seamless single crochet tutorial at Futuregirl

I need to come up with a project for this: The Stay Warm instructables contest! Oh, did I mention that the Champagne Chairs won 4th place in the latest instructables holiday contest?

At Baby Toolkit, another example of handcrafted goods that will no longer be able to be sold after Feb 10 due to the stupid new law. Get involved!!

Just Weird! Hair Hats.

Creative Kismet is hosting a Birds of Change giveaway… go check it out, and all the other participating blogs :)

Love this screenprinting tutorial- Screenprinting using drawing fluid and screen filler Neat technique! (via OnePrettyThing)

Be My Anti-Valentine
I’ll be posting the sponsors and prizes for the 2nd Annual Black Heart Anti Valentine’s Day Contest tomorrow. Spread the word! Start brainstorming your ideas! Can’t wait to see what you guys do :) Wanna spread the word? Just copy and paste this HTML to add this button!