Little Watercolor Sketches

Finally, some ART! In an attempt to get out of my creative funk, I was playing around with my watercolor pencils again yesterday. I missed (for the first time this year!) Illustration Friday last week, and I’m bummed because my goal was to do something new for it every week. And here it is thursday, and I’m about to miss a second week! So I’m making up for it by posting 2 Pictures–last week’s and this week’s themes–today.

Oh, and check out the interview I just posted with artist Cory Godbey.

S is for Spokesmodel
(for the IF theme Canned)
One of the monsters of my imagination displaying a can. I started sketching him and he just looked like a spokesmodel to me.

P is for Penguin (for the IF theme Poof!)
Don’t ask what this has to do with Poof. I was thinking of a ‘muff’ but in my head I was calling it a ‘pouf’. After I finished I realized that the pictures has nothing to do with poof. Oh well. He’s cute anyway. I don’t like the way I colored the P though. I should have just left the center white, with the blue around the edges.

Oh, and I posted these character sketches on MondayArtday, so I figured I’d share them with you guys here too, since I know I have some robot fans out there. You’ll remember him, he’s been featured here before.