More Halloween Goodness

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Dabbled reader Robin sends us some clever ideas for making halloween t-shirts for your kids! She got the original idea from Family Fun, but expanded on it to come up with some original ones herself! Check it out.

Chica & Jo, one of the sponsors of the Dabbled Halloween Contest, have a clever idea around making eerie eyeball snacks using a paint pallet as a mold. (And they’ve also featured Dabbled’s Ele-purse as their friday feature today–thanks, guys!)

More great stuff from Resurrection Fern! A tutorial on making a cool lantern out of a rutabaga! I wouldn’t EAT one, so this would be a good thing to do with one…

Instructables is having a DIY Halloween contest. So, if you’re entering the Dabbled Halloween Contest, make your entry an Instructable and enter their contest too! Instructables is in general a great place for halloween inspirations, so check it out.

Tip Junkie has a nice roundup of various halloween tutorials & DIY ideas.


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  • Cookie Sunshine [] :

    The lantern is really cute but I wish there was some way to see more of his little face. I want to put a flashlight up under his chin. BAWHooooHAAAAHAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

    Also, regarding the lovely bacon tiara that you recently shared with us, I shared it with my readers and there have been many interesting replies such as…will it make your hair greasy? and Do you think the dogs will come after you?

    I am loving your blog.