More webby goodness

More web spring cleaning…
2 things:
1) I updated my RSS feed – even though i’ve had a feed through feedburner forever, for some reason I was still using the standard blogger feed. So, hopefully i didn’t screw anything up when i changed that. So, if you’ve been reading this feed for a while, pls post and let me know that you still see it :)

2) I joined Twitter. If you’re not familiar with it, it’s kinda like a mini blog for quickie updates. Not sure exactly what i’m going to do with it, but i figured it would be a good way to post what progress i’m making on being productive during my sabbatical, without a bunch of tiny blog posts. I also added the RSS to it so if you follow it you’ll see when any new posts are posted here. So, if you’re interested (or a stalker) feel free to follow me on I also added the widget to my sidebar. And post here if you have a twitter because I’d like to check out what some other people are doing with it.