New Project Roundup… Making Yogurt

New Food Project – Making Yogurt
I got a cheapy Yogurt Maker for myself when I was ordering Xmas presents off Amazon, on sale for 10$, so figured..”why not?” So I finally got around to trying it. It’s “making” now, so I have no idea how it’s going to come out. It was pretty simple thus far (i decided to start with the recipe on the box, rather than branching out for more creativity just yet). Just heating up the milk and dry milk on the stove (probe thermometer with alarm very handy for this), then cooling, then stiring in a small thing of plain yogurt (I guess it makes sense that you have to have yogurt cultures to make yogurt, I just hadn’t considered it), then putting it in the ‘yogurt maker’, which is basically just a device to keep it at a constant warm temperature–for 4-10 hours (maybe non-$10 yogurt makers do more work for you than this one!). It’s been 4 hours now, but I figure I’ll leave it in there longer.

All in all, may been a lot of work for a quart of yogurt :)

Anyone else tried making yogurt? Anything suggestions, comments, recipes?

edit:  I wrote up a step by step here >>