A nifty photoshop tip for working with line art

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I adore Tom Richmond’s MAD blog. He posted a great tip for working with scanned line art in photoshop a few weeks ago, and i finally got around to trying it on the drawing i’m currently working on. It works great! It even works great on the scanned pencil sketches that I like to do because I’m too lazy to ink them. Check it out..!

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  • Ellie [] :

    Another Photoshop secret revealed! It’s really kind of humiliating how long I’ve been using the program, and yet how little I know about what most of the buttons do.

    – Inspy

  • Dot [] :

    hey sweetie! good to hear from you! it just takes practice… i’ve learned so much in just the past year.


  • Tom R [] :

    A trackback link to your post pointed here. Thanks for the kind words about my blog. All the best!