The OFFICIAL "April Fool" Contest post

CONTEST IS OVER – GO SEE THE WINNERS!__________________________________________________________

Remember the Black Heart Anti-Valentines Day Contest? And the WINNERS? Well, it’s time for another one!

It’s time! The Dabbled April Fool Contest is upon us… So what the heck is the April Fool contest? It’s your opportunity to submit your cool & funky & foolish works along the theme of “April Fool”. Take it literally, or figuratively–or April Fools’ Joking-ly.. the funner the better!
Illustration Friday - Leap

The Rules: Your entry can be art, craft, or food.
Post a link to your entry IN THIS THREAD (no email this time). If you have a blog and want to link there, that’s cool, or I just created a new flickr group: so feel free to add your item to that. But still link it here if you want it counted.
The Arts category is pretty obvious – just a cool pic illustrating the theme.
Ditto the crafts category–this can be ANYTHING you make, not just traditional crafts. Post pictures, and extra credit for instructions!
Since the Food category is new this time, this is how it works. Post pics of your suitably April Fools food, but also include either a recipe or instructions for creation. An example of appropriate food might be something like my Sweet Sushi (rice krispie treat sushi with dried fruit on top).

New this time: Judges! Alice of Futuregirl and kathreen of Whip Up will be two of our judges, and the third is Lenore from Evil Mad Scientist!

Deadline: Extended to give everyone the weekend…Tuesday April [email protected] 9:00 pm Eastern time. So we can have the winners announced early April!

Prizes: Fame! Fortune! Well, a tad of fame, anyway! There will be prizes–nothing fancy, including a link over to your blog for the coolest stuff.

EDIT – As with the Anti-Valentine’s contest, you can enter as many items as you want, but you can only win with one of them.

Tell your friends!