One more octopus… and Making Soup!

Cedric the Orange OctopusSkitzophrenic post here, but I wanted to get one more Octopus out for Cepholopod Week.
And I also have a new instructable up, on how to make a totally easy, kid-veggie-friendly, inexpensive soup – Carrot Vichyssoise…

So here he is — “Cedric”… But I also need an opinion.. I didn’t ink him like I’ve been doing (see others) just darkened the pencil outline. Like? Not as good?
Would love some feedback on this.

Making Carrot Vichyssoise

So the second thing is the soup… It has some great things going for it:
1. Sounds fancy! and French! Well, it isn’t really french in origin, but was invented at the Ritz, so that makes it fancy, right!? (By the way, it’s pronounced ‘vishee-swahz’, sounds like ‘fishy bras’)
2. Easy, quick and inexpensive to make.
3. Kid friendly way of getting them to eat their vegetables. I serve this with cheddar cheese on top, and call it “Cheese Soup” and my 3 yr old is happy!
4. Soup is great on a cold day to warm you up! Well, technically, vichyssoise should be served cold, but I like it hot. Especially in cold weather. But in the summer, this works great as a cold soup too, nice for brunch!

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See the Photo-Recipe here on flickr
How to make an easy Carrot Vichyssoise

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