one of those random posts..

So, today I took the dog to the groomer, and cleaned out my closet (no, I haven’t finished yet). And didn’t really touch the computer until now. So a triumph to not being a slave to technology, but no real progress to report on anything you guys might care about. I did start stitching up some (late) birthday and baby presents but that doesn’t really count as craftiness.

Oh, and we are planning to hit Australia next month. Any readers from Down Under who want to share any travel tips?

Tomorrow I think i might actually try the port of Dabbled to WordPress. My local installation that i’ve been playing with can’t do everything I want, so I may just get it out there, and clean it up once it’s out on the web. But be warned, it won’t be perfect for a while. I expect that some links won’t work, and some picture prettiness will not be quite there. But the big thing is, if you’re reading this on a feed or through being a ‘follower’ and you don’t see anything for the next few days, then do come directly over to and make sure you’re still subscribed. I’m trying to do this seamlessly, but i haven’t ever done this, so I have no idea how bad it will be!

If you see things that don’t work, do email me (dot at dabbled dot org) cuz I do want to know!