party planning, etc.

Tonight when i got home, i fed The Boy, and started on his birthday cake.

So that leads to two topics.. 1) Sushi and 2) Robot Birthday Cake

1) Sushi: A questioner from my previous post on sushi asked how we ever got him started on it. And so i bequeath my secret. Since he was on solid food, we discovered that grocery store sushi is a great toddler food. Some of the traits of it which make it not as yummy for adults, actually work to your advantage on children. When sushi sits in the case at the supermarket (we do Publix) the nori actually gets very soft — much more so than restaurant sushi. So the major disadvantage of sushi (the possible choking hazard of the non chewableness of nori by those who lack inthe teeth department) goes away. The Boy loves the package that has cream cheese & cucumber with faux crab , avocado, & Smoked salmon respectively. He’s been eating that as his thursday (shopping day) dinner forever. I water down the soy sauce a tad since sometimes he just soaks it in it. And the price quite reasonable as a sushi introduction. Plus it’s totally easy for mom & dad — a healthy quick ready made dinner!

2) Cake. OK, i admit it. I’m being lazy. I dont know if i’d mentioned, but i just quit my job, and my last real day at work will be tomorrow. and so i’m incredibly busy trying to finish stuff up. And the Boy’s party is Saturday. I’m martha enough the i always make a cake*. But i’m slammed. So I’m doing a hybrid. I’ll reveal the details after i work them out, but it’s gonna be a robot cake. And at least part of it will be store bought. But i made the head and wheels myself tonight. More to come on that..
Edit: OK, I went all martha when my plans didn’t quite work as envisioned – finished cake here!

*actually, it’s not really that i’m that martha, but i am picky about cake, and i insist on cream cheese icing — so i prefer to make my own, even if the cake itself is from a mix. I’m not THAT martha. :P