Party Planning is in the Works!

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Posting may be light this week because I’m getting things ready for The Boy’s 5th birthday party this weekend–but I’ll be sharing a bunch of the stuff we do for it here, so stay tuned!  As mentioned before, it’s a Phineas and Ferb meet Clone Wars party (Invitation here!). 

So what’s in the works?  Cake wise we’ll be having a Perry cake, and also clone trooper cupcakes (assuming they work out like I plan!).  It’s at brunch time (to try to beat out some of the heat of early june) so I’m planning on brunch food & drinks– for both kids and adults (we do a very adult and kid-friendly kids birthday parties around here!). I’m brainstorming right now on some clever theme related food ideas — suggestions welcome!

For decor, the handy hubby is working on a Portal to Mars.  I’ll be showing you that (with hopefully a how-to!) soon. And we’re also going to have a Backyard Beach! I was thinking of doing a Death Star Pinata… but that’s really Star Wars, not Clone Wars, right? Anyone else have some cool ideas we should do?

PS, his birthday is today, so Happy #5 to The Boy!

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Party Planning is in the Works!Party Planning is in the Works!
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  • Rachel [] :

    Yeah, I can’t let my son see this …. he will be so disappointed in his own bday party we are planning right now! ;) We’re doing an “Old Wars and Clone Wars” party (his words – meaning a mix of classic Star Wars and Clone Wars) and I thought I was getting fancy with the pool noodle lightsabers. Portal to Mars!? Wowza!

    We did decide to do a Death Star pinata, because I found a perfect pinata at the party store. It’s supposed to be a disco ball, but it looks *exactly* like the Death Star (except for the brightly colored strings hanging down, we’ll be getting rid of those). So fun – can’t wait to see all your stuff. :)

  • Diana Evans [] :

    oh how cute!!! and it is party planning time!!!

  • dot [] (author) :

    Heh, we were planning on pool noodle lightsabres too, but when i went to the dollar store for pool noodles, they didn’t have but a couple. And they had foam “lightsabers”, so I just got those!

  • Kristie [] :

    I did a Star Wars Party a few years ago for my son. We did a make your own light saber craft at the begining. I took foam (scrap stuff from work) and wraped it in colored duct (that part was predone) then let the kids make there own handels from fabric and paint pens it was a big hit.

  • Dot [] (author) :

    Very cool, Kristie, thanks for the idea!