Party Planning is in the Works!

Posting may be light this week because I’m getting things ready for The Boy’s 5th birthday party this weekend–but I’ll be sharing a bunch of the stuff we do for it here, so stay tuned!  As mentioned before, it’s a Phineas and Ferb meet Clone Wars party (Invitation here!). 

So what’s in the works?  Cake wise we’ll be having a Perry cake, and also clone trooper cupcakes (assuming they work out like I plan!).  It’s at brunch time (to try to beat out some of the heat of early june) so I’m planning on brunch food & drinks– for both kids and adults (we do a very adult and kid-friendly kids birthday parties around here!). I’m brainstorming right now on some clever theme related food ideas — suggestions welcome!

For decor, the handy hubby is working on a Portal to Mars.  I’ll be showing you that (with hopefully a how-to!) soon. And we’re also going to have a Backyard Beach! I was thinking of doing a Death Star Pinata… but that’s really Star Wars, not Clone Wars, right? Anyone else have some cool ideas we should do?

PS, his birthday is today, so Happy #5 to The Boy!

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