The People have spoken! People's Choice Winner of the Anti-Valentines Vote..

I know, I know… valentines is long over. But we have one more award to give, and here it is!

Congratulations to Jeanne at The Candy Corn Chronicles for winning the People’s Choice Award for her delightfully creepy Anti-Valentines entry: Absinthe Makes the Heart Grow Fonder.

Thanks, Jeanne, for playing, and email me at holiday -at-, please!

To all the finalists, your stuff was great! Be sure to grab a finalist button here (at the bottom of the Judges’ Picks post) to show off your coolness. And Jeanne, you can get your Winner button here as well!

Be on the lookout for future contests. Last year we had a fun April Fool mini contest, which we’ll be repeating this year in March. Not sure if Summer Doldrums is making a repeat appearance, but we will certainly be having another World Famous Halloween Extravaganza and Contest in the Fall, so stay tuned!

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Commission - Fish StealerIn other news, an update on some of the Cephalopods that swam off to new homes. Bella Sinclair requested the little blue octopus and it made it to Japan – I love her little diver swimming with it! Here are two more that were custom created Valentines gifts from the Valentines Day Special. And the auction for Ethel is over–she’s on her way to Nevada, and her proceeds have gone to the relief efforts for the Australian bushfires!
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