Perry the Platypus Mini-Cakes, made from Twinkies!

When I posted the Perry the Platypus (of Phineas and Ferb fame) cake from The Boy’s birthday party, reader Janelle asked for the How-To, so she could do her own for her daughter’s birthday party. Her ingenious idea was to use twinkies to make mini Perry cakes… and they came out wonderfully! She shared them on the Dabbled Facebook page, but I thought they were too awesome not to share here as well!

Perry the Platypus cakes, made from twinkies

Janelle says:

“Finally!!!! Thanks to the “Dabbled” instructions on the Perry the Platypus cake I gathered the courage to do my first fondant cake. Due to a broken ankle I put it off a couple of weeks but the party is now over and nary a Perry is to be found. The kids loved them. I made mini Perrys using twinkies as the cake base. Thanks so much for your help, Dabbled :P”

I totally love this! She simplified the more complex original instructions, and achieved a herd of adorable Perrys! This is a great idea for those who want to create the look, but in a less complicated way. These would also be great sitting on top of a store bought sheet cake for a custom look. Thanks for sharing these with us, Janelle!

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NOTE:  People keep asking for the instructions – Janelle used MY ORIGINAL INSTRUCTIONS, but modified them for the smaller twinkie size.