Poppiees, now with nifty color!

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Finished yesterday’s sketch

Poppies with color

Poppies with color

By request, prints of this image now available here

And hey! Check out the stuff we’re doing for a Dabbled Holiday. I’ll get the Art Show details posted hopefully this week, but email or post comment if you’re interested, so i can see if we have enough people for this one.

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  • moverlow [] :

    Love the color application. Both pieces are great. Very nicely done. You’re braver than I am . . . if I had a drawing that good, I’d be afraid to screw it up by adding color! ;-)

  • Buskitten [] :

    Hi Dot,
    OOh, The Wizard of Oz – I love it! Really really love the characters, great illustration.
    Best Wishes,

  • josh pincus is crying [] :

    this is absolutely AWESOME!
    great work, dot!

  • damon [] :


  • The Green Telephone [] :

    Oh, how very lovely! great poppies.

  • Josh (musarter) [] :

    Wow, I really like this style for Oz. Nice work.

  • flower girl [] :

    Lovely and sweet! Very nice work =)

  • INDIGENE [] :

    Wonderful piece and great composition!


  • Diana Evans [] :

    This is such a great piece!!! I love it and the colours and textures…really clever idea!!


  • Honor Bowden [] :

    Soooooo glad you found the time to colour this one! Gorgeous! :-)

  • lil kim [] :

    Oh wow, that’s just beautiful! What a great interpretation.

  • Fadas & C.ยช [] :

    Great illustration! Love the characters and the colours you chose.

  • Vanessa Brantley Newton [] :

    Dot, you have stolen my heart with these wonderful illustrations. They are just eye candy! Delicious with detail and style. Great work and the baby oneies are just FABU!!! If I were the baby wearing those, I would be so happy! Great work!

  • get zapped [] :

    Spectacular work! The poppies are magical :]

  • Solvere volo [] :

    Beautiful poppies! I love it

  • Amy C [] :

    this is so sweet, the colors are perfect.
    Hey thanks for visiting me :D

  • Tif [] :

    I LOVE this drawing!

  • Chica and Jo [] :

    This drawing immediately reminded me of the fields of tulips in Holland. I would love to see a Dutch version of this with little Dutch robots, a windmill and tulips everywhere!

  • Dot [] :

    thanks for the nice comments.. .Chica and Jo, that’s a great idea!

  • Peter Breese [] :

    You’ve been tagged my friend! Check back on my blog for further instructions and congrats!

    Tag your it!

  • Vhrsti [] :

    Wow! This is absolutely perfect illustration! Linework, colors, everything is great on this picture!

  • Matalonga Jorge [] :

    Great style and colours!
    Real special…

  • erin [] :

    this is so wonderful!! I love it!

    when we were little we used to say (in our best wicked witch voice) “puppies will make them sleep” puppies, poppies what do kids know.

  • cathleen [] :

    Beautiful artwork. I love the unique characters.

  • ValGalArt [] :

    I LOVE this :)

  • Isaac Marzioli - The Boring Penguin [] :

    hey! Your drawings are terrific! I really like the style – and the color works very well with what you’ve drawn! Good job, and keep it up!