Random Monday

You have until tomorrow to vote for your favorites for the Anti-Valentines People’s Choice Award — spread the word and go vote for up to 3 favorites. It’s pretty close between several top choices!

I’m taking the day off today mostly recovering from a fun weekend (totally recommend a visit to the Terrapin brewery — the Sunray Wheat was my favorite!), but here are a few cool random links for you!

Bacon Stuffed Waffles

How to Make a Guitar Hero Scarf
About Digital Comics – really neat ideas
Pro Darwin Merchandise
Funky Layered Jello
Cassette Tape Lamps (via)
Funnest 18 seconds of video
Bleach Stencil Placemat
Guacamole Han Solo and Jar Jar Salad
Eaten by a Bear sleeping bag

Oh, and my latest squid love – last week’s Illustration Friday, if you missed it.