Random Friday Link Dump

Creative Kismet’s White Fluffy Wreath

Found Item Robots via Superpunch

Gorgeous papercraft via Neatorama

Free gift tag download from the fabulous Honor Bowden at GalaHouse
and Place Cards too!

Totally awesome nerdcake!

Neat recycled Star of Wonder at Some Art Fabric Talk

Lovely idea, if you live where it’s cold: Lace and Ice from Resurrection Fern

Santa Gourd from Diana at Back to the Drawing Board

Candied Citrus Peels via Craft

Hello Naomi has some really gorgeous Christmas Snowglobe cookies

Glittery pretty ideas from Hostess with the Mostess

A new blog to check out: Daily Artstop from the talented Diana Evans. Great stuff :) Examples: Apple Fritters! Eggnog Cupcakes! and lots more than food..

How to Draw Hands from the talented Tom Richmond

Unusual Chalk Paint treatments

Sad Yeti Pattern

Eco Etsy-ness at Whip up

Improving a sweater at Angry Chicken

DIY Play Crown Tutoria

Via Craft:
Manly Duct tape Bows
Customized Candy Wrappers and more
Yo Gabba Gabba Plex (my son would love)
Melted Snowman Cupcakes!
Sweater Stuffed Animals

Cool Holiday Star Garland

Glass Bottle Shelving

Snowman Treats! Lots!

Detailed Paper Ornament tutorial… pretty! From Frog Riding Bike


I haven’t done enough random posts lately.. Everything doesn’t need a purpose, does it?

Halloween Contest ends next Wednesday – get those entries in! And check out what’s already been entered for your own halloween inspirations (in the comments)
– Two new Dabbled Interviews in the works, one is Halloween related… watch this space :)
– Also, much Halloween love will be packed into the next week.
– Making/putting together a halloween costume this year for you or the kiddos? Post it or put it on flickr and email me with the link!

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Some cool links I twittered today:

  • -This is the funniest thing i’ve read today! The Groomzilla diaries: http://tinyurl.com/67rgun . 3 minutes ago
  • -This is an incredible trick of perspective! http://de-war.de/eurekacarpark.html about an hour ago
  • -hhehe, love this – a false bottom halloween pail ! http://tinyurl.com/6ltcw9 about an hour ago
  • -Houseplant Halloween: http://tinyurl.com/59lcm8 I’ll be putting this in my next halloween link feature, but must twit it now! about 2 hours ago