Review & Giveaway: MOO cards!

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As a blogger, I get offers all the time to do a giveaways or sample a product.  Most of them I don’t deal with, but this one was one I had to pass along.  I’ve been a fan of for ages, and when Moo offered to let me giveaway some of their business cards to you guys, I was thrilled.  Because these are some really cool cards.  First off, you can put a different image on every card in the pack!  Because of this, these are great not only for business cards, but also for a ton of other uses.   You could make a custom playing card deck, or a ‘concentration’ type game (here’s an alphabet game), or a cool piece of art.  A few years ago I got my Mom mini cards with different pictures of The Boy on them, so she could hand out photos of the grandchild when she met knew people :).

I, however, decided i really needed some new business cards for my web design business, but I wanted some that were more ‘corporate’ looking, and some that were more clever and fun.  Check out all the options here!

So I designed some that reflect my dandelion branding, and some others that use some of my artwork.  Aren’t they nifty?  I repurposed the art from my Robot World 1.0 series and put the poor bots to shilling for my web design services.

The cards came out wonderfully.  They are thick, glossy, and lovely, much better than the average cards that I have ordered in the past from other companies.  Check out all the options here!

So, what would you do with your cards?  Leave a comment here!  I’ll pick 3 lucky winners to win 100 cards themselves!  A tweet or a blog post linking to this will also show up here in the comments, and will get you another entry.


Disclosure: Moo provided me a credit to order the cards to review, but my opinions are my own!

Review & Giveaway: MOO cards!
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  • Tracy [] :

    I love moo cards and have always wanted to order some but never have – more of a want than a real need. Thanks for the chance!

  • Julie [] :

    The cards you designed are awesome! I like that you also included other ideas in case you don’t need business cards. Great post :)

  • alexis [] :

    I love Moo cards!

  • Cindy G. [] :

    I never even considered the idea of making something like a concentration game! I’d have to divide up the cards so I’d have some for my blog-to-be, some for including with ATCs and other swapped items and some for some sort of science game for my classroom, or a science alphabet deck (perhaps even designed by my students!). The possibilities are wide open!

    Thanks for the chance to win a set!

  • Sarah Kimball [] :

    How lucky are we to have you as a friend?!?! I’m thinking I could put Sully’s picture on one side and “Have you seen me?” on the other. Then I could hand these out every time our escape artist strikes again! Or I could just go with business cards for my new awesome website!!!! Fingers crossed ;)!!

  • Tanya [] :

    I’m in….

  • Jennifer C. [] :

    I would use these for my new etsy store launch!

  • Duncan [] :

    Business Cards – with different designs? – I bloody love it…

    I’ve recently been dabbling in the dark underworld of tshirt design (qwertee, redbubble etc). Moo cards would be a truly awesome way of promoting my various designs…

    Come on!

  • JT [] :

    I would use them to promote my photography, although my photos need a lot of work themselves!

  • Khyansaria [] :

    Those are gorgeous! I would love to have something like that to promote my art.

  • Sophia Walker [] :

    Those cards are really cool, I would be absolutely thrilled to make them a part of my blogging world!!! Thanks for making this happen.

  • Andrea [] :

    I would love some business cards and just developed a new logo! These would be great!

  • TheWoodenKing [] :

    that Sounds Great! i have a convention coming up next month and was thinking i should make some business cards :D

  • Brandon Fuller [] :

    I would love these for my sideshow.

  • Jeff Prosser [] :

    I would use them to help promote my brand new blog! But yeah seriously it sucks when you tell someone about your blog and then don’t have a card…

  • Duke [] :

    My wife just ordered some of these for an event she is sponsoring and they look sharp.

    Thanks for the offer!


  • Davi [] :

    Sweet beans, what a cool idea for a company to do!

    I would use my Moo cards as the worlds most diffuse flipbook – putting a different single frame image on each one. Then I’d pass them all around to people with the instructions to take a picture of themselves holding up the card and e-mail that picture to me (the instructions and e-mail address would be on the card – so easy!). Then I’d assemble all the pictures I got back into a sweet flipbook video that I’d post on the web! It would be an interesting social experiment at the very least.

  • Anders [] :

    I would use the prowess of my new business cards to break into the fast-paced world of international arms trafficking. If that proved to be too dangerous, I would probably adopt a kitten. Kittens are a lot less likely to shoot you.

  • David [] :

    I think I’d use these to show off my art profile- a close up of a different piece of my work on each card would be great!

  • Gentle Lasers [] :

    Free Moo cards? Sign me up!

  • Khyansaria [] :

    Oh, and just so you know (not exactly on-topic, but…), your ‘older pages’ link is broken. It reverts to page 2 every time it’s clicked on, no matter which page you’re physically on. I made it through the past 30 pages by manually changing the address, but I thought you might want to know, as a web designer and all. :)

    Thank you! I never noticed that… will have to correct! – Dot

  • BeerGuyLA [] (elsewhere) discussed this :

    Gotta win me some business cards from @DotatDabbled

  • Tarehna [] :

    YES!! Need ’em for the band

  • Bob Dobbs [] :

    I’d give them out to prospective customers of course! (and wow them with how kick-ass my cards are, inevitably giving rise to a conversation on how I could possibly have obtained such cool cards. My response would be “well, you probably won’t believe this (because who actually has luck that good?), but I won them in a giveaway on a website called I know! Who actually wins anything? Well, I guess me. Yeah, the site’s really cool. You should check it out. Oh yeah, the cards are really cool too. They’re from a company called Moo. If you need cards, you should check them out as well.” (note double ass-kissing product naming/placement). Yup, that’s pretty much how it’d go…. If only I won…

  • Carlo Corral [] :

    I would use them to do a magic trick. Something like a prediction in a sealed envelope, then you bring a stack of cards with different artwork on each card that someone would freely pick one out of the 100 hundred and then the prediction is revealed out of the envelope matching exactly with the one they picked. Seems like a good idea to me.

  • Kris [] :

    I’d make cards that actually reflect my interests (crafting), rather than just my plain ol’ job!

  • Anna [] :

    How sweet, to include with knitted objects!

  • Katherine [] :

    I’d use them in an attempt at self-promotion. Since being good at what I do isn’t apparenlty enough to get a good job in my field. yay. . .

  • Jennifer [] :

    The MOO product line is just wonderful! I love great graphics and have an appreciation for quality paper, so I am hooked on their product! The crazy thing is that I’ve never bought MOO cards. I’ve been so focused on using my logo that I haven’t printed cards with photos.

    I love the idea of creating a card game, or even making “collectable” cards. These ideas would be great fun to explore!