Review: Simple Times: Crafts for Poor People by Amy Sedaris

I got a review copy of Amy Sedaris’ latest book, Simple Times: Crafts for Poor People
and thought you lovely people might be interested in hearing about it…

First off, let’s get this straight that this is much more of a humor book than a craft book.  Although there are a few actual projects and recipes in it, most of the projects are tongue in cheek or downright weird.  If you were around during the 70’s, you’ll probably remember a few of them from when you were a kid (I totally remember making sweet gum ball Christmas ornaments, and tissue paper stained glass candle holders!).   So definitely don’t buy this book if you’re looking for actual craft instruction.

But if you’re a fan of Amy Sedaris’ humor, you’ll like this.

There’s a section on sausages, making real sausage, and also a knitted chorizo neck warmer. And in the coconut section, along with a couple of interesting looking coconut recipes and a how-to on tinting coconut, she also explains how to make coconut chip and bamboo earrings (“run a wire through a piece of coconut shell so that the razor sharp shards dangle freely close to your face”)

In the Crafting For Jesus section, you can make Jesus sandals or a matchstick cross (but the guy who made the craft is on a boat and can’t be reached, so she’s sure you can find the instructions as your local library).

There’s crafting for Shut-ins, and the Handicapped (pick your craft based on your handicap: If you’re bi-polar, make a rusty nail wind chime!) The Safety Meeting section is not for the faint of heart (the photos of Amy’s crafting accidents are pretty gory) and the Making Love section (Fornicrafting!) is painfully 70’s.

How Are We Using Our Crafts?
1. Camper decorations
2. Old people presents
3. Chew toy
4. Dust accumulator
5. As evidence that we don’t spend all our time doing absolutely noting
6. Salvaged for parts to make other crafts

All in all, if you liked her last book (on entertaining: I Like You: Hospitality Under the Influence) you’ll find this one funny too. Amy’s offbeat humor and crazy characters are the main point to this book, but you might actually find a crafting idea or two in there too…

And hey, if you’re thinking about getting this, as a gift or for yourself…  why not use my amazon link so I get a kickback!