The Robot Band

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I bought some new charcoal pencils the other day, and used them for this sketch–which i transformed into an ‘album cover for monday artday.
These guys were fun to draw.. it seems like they’d be a blast to go see in your local club! A little different style for me, so suggestions/comments are as always totally appreciated. Original sketch is below, for those who like to see that kind of thing. (Honestly i think i kinda like the original sketch better before adding color.)

The Robot Band

Original sketch, robot band

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  • Rrramone [] :

    I’m dancing the robot now in homage to them.

  • the Woodard family [] :

    I secretly love robots. My son would think a drawing like this would be only for his room but I think it might “migrate” to other parts of the house.

  • CraftyJennee [] :

    I’m not that much of a robot fan, but I do love your artwork. It’s such a cute site. Its the web’s best kept secret!

  • johanna [] :

    what a talented group of robots! :) i like both versions actually

  • lisa s [] :

    hey dot,
    thanks for the comment on my robot pattern post – i just had a really great time perusing all your adorable bots! :)

  • Rebecca [] :

    These guys are adorable! I love animated movies where the characters are something inanimate like talking fish or talking robots lol.

    Thanks for visiting! Good advice on the eyes, that is what the pattern called for but once I put the spots on I didn’t leave any room. :( I think I am going to try to fix him though. :)

  • sketched out [] :

    These guys look fabulous! I like the color and the sketch, both, a lot, but I know what you mean about liking the sketch better. I often feel that way about my stuff. Go figure, eh?