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Relatively productive today, at least for a Monday. I did finish a few watercolor sketches. And did some laundry. And cleaned up the porch from Sunday’s after brunch gathering. Oh, and tried to find something for The Boy to wear to a wedding in Sept, as the ringbearer. The bride gave me no real direction as to what he should wear, and I have no idea what the wedding party is wearing. And I refuse to spend a fortune on something a 3 yr old is only going to wear once. Maybe I should check out the consignment stores. Unless anyone has a ringbearer appropriate 3T outfit they’d like to sell/trade me?

I need to send out the contest prizes. It’s top of my list for tomorrow. One of the prizes..

For those who wanted a tutorial on how to make the Finger Puppet Bus–I’m not ignoring you!–the hubby is writing one up for me as we speak. I’m also looking for cool felt or crocheted finger puppet tutorials to include with it, so if anyone has one, let me know.

Monday Inspirations:
– I like this – Via Drawn, a teacher’s animation of ‘Some Facts about Owls’. Sweet and subtle.

My husband and his work friends (Kim, Ed, etc, I’m talking to you) would love these: Irish Car Bomb Cupcakes. via.

Oh, and finally, iPhone and iTouch peeps: I followed the instructions linked to by A Little Hut to make an iPhone icon if you favorite Dabbled from your iphone or itouch. But since i don’t have one, if anyone does, can you let me know if it works? If you add dabbled to your iphone favs, it should have a little ‘murder girl’ icon.

Cheers, caio, and prost!

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  • Carol Browne [] :

    That little robot is cute. I love your illustrations. They are very sweet.

  • joscelyne cutchens [] :

    OH how cute!?! Come see my latest splurge… :)
    robot LOOOVE

  • Hello, I'm Sally. [] :

    Ooo! Cute robot.

    I wish I had a nice outfit to send you! We haven’t had to dress Wren in anything formal, thankfully! I would definitely be searching all the consignment shops, good luck!