Shop Preview Sale! And feedback requested..

talismanAs you may have picked up, I’m planning to get the Dabbled/Art shop up and running, all new and spiffy. To give you my fabulous readers a little taste, I’m offering Dabbled readers-only special: a set of 8 postcards with the (reader favorite) “Talisman” piece (The flower sniffing robot shown here, without the copyright watermark of course).

Postcards are professionally printed, approx 4″x6″ with a glossy front–they’ll come packaged in pretty paper if you want to gift them. I have a limited number of these sets, and for you guys right now, they are $10, including shipping.

To Buy:
Hmm, Paypal button wasn’t working. So just email me nancy[at]dabbled[dot]org.

Also, although I got some great feedback from the recent survey, if you missed the survey or want to add more opinions, I’d love your thoughts on other pieces you’d like to see as cards (Poppiees is in the works). Also, I’m looking at T-shirts, and I’m trying to decide between the digital printing (like Cafepress) which is full color, or going for screen printing, which would only have 2 or 3 colors. I tend to like the look of screenprinting better, but what do you guys think?

By the way, I also have the big 5×8 Art Postcards available, at the current Artfire shop.