Silly sushi inspirations

A little over 2 weeks left to create your art or craft projects for the Anti-Valentines Day contest… tell your friends! I did clarify some rules in the original post.

Now, for the good stuff!
A while back, I made my version of Sweet Sushi – Rice Krispie treats with various dried fruit (papayo, mango, ginger) on it. Yummy and impressive!
The full spread of the dessert sushi!

I have to admit i’m a bit sushi obsessed, so I was doing some flickr browsing and came across several other really fun sushi inspired creations:

Pink Polka Dot Bento with Sushi Soap
Originally uploaded by midohana

Sushi Soap! She has a ton of other interesting soaps in her flickr pics, too.

Dessert Sushi
Originally uploaded by oskay

One of the inspirations for my own sweet sushi, from Evil Mad Scientist

Sushi&Sashimi Set
Originally uploaded by Ronize Aline (Delírios de Penélope)

Crocheted sushi. I haven’t tried to crochet since my grandmother tried to teach me when I was 10, but for cool stuff like this, maybe I should learn!

I’m not sure who made this (if anyone knows, i’ll link to them), I just found the picture on flickr and the person didnt make it. But way cool.

Sushi Role Felt Bead Necklace
Originally uploaded by taratara69

Sushi Roll Felt Bead Necklace. Pretty neat!