so, whatdayahave.. (win a prize!)

hey, keep reading, there’s a prize! really! read to the end!
i’m hesitant to post this because i’m paranoid i’ll have no responses. there’s nothing like posting a query to the blogosphere and having no one respond… it’s depressing. so humor me :) i’ll give you a cookie! well, not a cookie, so read on.

i’m interested in what you guys like to see. what interests you? do you prefer interesting links? crafty goodness? tutorials? pretty artwork? contests? personal anecdotes? what else?

Also i have no idea who reads this from a feed (if you don’t do a feedreader, i highly recommend–i use google reader)…let me know if you do, and if it’s working for you. — does it show up ok?

i’d like to try to get some feedback on what you think keeps you coming back. So leave a comment. i’ll pick a commenter for a cute robot original sketch prize.