so, whatdayahave.. (win a prize!)

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hey, keep reading, there’s a prize! really! read to the end!
i’m hesitant to post this because i’m paranoid i’ll have no responses. there’s nothing like posting a query to the blogosphere and having no one respond… it’s depressing. so humor me :) i’ll give you a cookie! well, not a cookie, so read on.

i’m interested in what you guys like to see. what interests you? do you prefer interesting links? crafty goodness? tutorials? pretty artwork? contests? personal anecdotes? what else?

Also i have no idea who reads this from a feed (if you don’t do a feedreader, i highly recommend–i use google reader)…let me know if you do, and if it’s working for you. — does it show up ok?

i’d like to try to get some feedback on what you think keeps you coming back. So leave a comment. i’ll pick a commenter for a cute robot original sketch prize.

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  • Roxanne [] :

    Hi there! I read your blog through Google Reader and it looks great! What really interests me is all types of crafty goodness, tutorials, & artwork.

  • carrie [] :

    I read the blog, sneakily as this is my first comment, because I enjoy the crafts/ideas/link ups to other ideas. I heart tutorials. Yeah, I think that’s why. Oh yeah, and pictures.

  • Bitterbetty [] :

    reader: yes, I use bloglines, shows up great. I come back for your wit and wisdom.

  • Fuji Mama [] :

    I use Google Reader too (so much more convenient than bloglines, which I used to use!) and your posts always come through perfectly! I love the mix of stuff that you post about, that’s what I keep coming back for.

  • Jessica [] :

    This is my first comment b/c I some how stumbled across your blog through who knowes who elses blog. But now, it is a daily read for mainly the crafts, since I have been on a craft kick lately. But also b/c I admire your whit, and lovely art.
    You are an interesting, talented gal. Keep it up.

  • SilverWing [] :

    ^^ I read through Netvibes. I have a TON of blogs that I keep up with, but it also lets me have weather and lists and calendars and other random things that I can organize in tab, so I use it as my start page. And I personally love tutorials and crafty ideas/tips. I think personal stories and such, though, are what give each blog its own character and feel, so I think that’s just as important.

  • Tracie [] :

    I read your blog through Google Reader without any problems. I’m not sure what drew me to your blog in the first place, but you much already be doing something right for it to have maintained my interest. Keep up the good work.

  • Ellie [] :

    Another “Google Reader Works Like Magic For Me” here.

    I’d like to see more sketches and doodles. You know, margin of the memo during the long board meeting, back of the napkin while on hold on the phone, that sort of thing. I *love* seeing what people doodle.

    – inspy

  • Karen [] :

    I read every day, used to use Netvibes but it bugged me. Might try Google Reader. And I like to see the different ideas (although I have zero interest in trying any of them myself!)

  • Hello, I'm Sally. [] :

    Hello! I use Google Reader and it works great for me. I love seeing all the cool projects you come up with and I do like tutorials. I don’t do illustrations, so it’s interesting to see how you do them and what you are drawing. I first discovered you from your felted snake tutorial and I like your mermaid, robots, and silly little sketch girl.

  • KoKo [] :

    Just discovered your blog, and love it! There are sooo many blogs for babies, young kids, and new moms. So, I’d suggest keeping that to a minimum and giving the rest of us interesting crafty goodness, tutorials, art…
    I’ll keep coming back no matter what.

  • Dot [] :

    thank you KoKo