Social Media for your Crafty Business, by Diane Gilleland

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craftypodSocial Media for your Crafty Business is a new e-book by Diane Gilleland of the fabulous website/podcast, Craftypod. (We’ve interviewed Diane, who is a master of all things crafty, here!) Diane was kind enough to send me a copy, and I’m delighted to share my thoughts on it with you all.

Although this book focuses on “Crafty” businesses — think etsy sellers, or anyone who creates handmade items for sale — it is really applicable for anyone trying to understand what social media means to their business. And if you’re trying to use twitter, facebook, or other social media to advance your brand or promote your business, you would be interested in what this book has to offer. Especially if you’re just starting out in this space, so you do it right.

I use Twitter and Facebook, both of which are covered in this book. I know one of my huge frustrations on Twitter is how to separate the people who would be really cool to connect with, from those who come across as soulless marketers.  And I bet some of those people whom I just ignore would probably be quite interesting if they just had a resource such as this to understand HOW to really use these tools to connect, rather than just to spread their marketing message. [By the way, if you friend me on Twitter, send me a @ message saying you’re a Dabbled reader, and I’ll friend you back*… otherwise I might miss you, I’m not as thorough as Diane]

Diane tackles a lot of issues, that anyone needs to understand if they want to be effective in their use of social media. From understanding what your goals are and should be, to how to make sure you’re not one of those people who is just seen as annoying. She also covers making real connections, and what that means to marketing. I think the most valuable parts are understanding how you need to think about social networks as marketing, but Diane goes even further with some great practical tips for managing the relationship building process.

At 70+ pages, it’s thick with information, both conceptual (what SHOULD you use Twitter for?) and practical (How do I manage all these Friends!?). The primary social networks tackled are Twitter and Facebook, although I’d think most of the concepts should apply to other similar audiences. Of course, every book can’t have everything…This book is EXCELLENT on Twitter, but while it conceptually covers Facebook (and other networks), I would have loved more practical advice on building a fan following on Facebook, since it’s a different dynamic.

So, my recommendation?

All in all, I would definitely put this in the required reading category for anyone new to social networking, or trying to decide how social networks fit in their marketing plan. Understanding the etiquette of the space is crucial if you are trying to move into it, even if only partly for business purposes. And even if you’ve been using Twitter/Facebook and think/hope that you’re already ‘doing it right’, you’ll find some great tips you hadn’t thought of, or at least needed a reminder of.

Thanks to Diane for giving me the opportunity to preview her new e-book!

If you want more information on it,  or to order one for yourself… go here!

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