Someone asked me the other day if Dabbled had a Facebook page.. And I realized that I’ve probably been slack about mentioning it… So, I’m mentioning it!

If you’re on Facebook, I’d totally love it if you’d go Like our Facebook Page! I’m planning on using it more in the future, but right now I post cool crafty links there, plus it gets the Dabbled RSS feed so you can see links to the most recent Dabbled posts there too. I’m planning on doing some contests and other fun stuff there too! So go share your love for Dabbled there!

If you’re a twitterer, there’s a great crafty community on Twitter. I’m DotatDabbled – if you friend me, be sure to send me a message so I know to friend you back!. And let me know if you need some recommendations on other cool people to friend… come on, come to the dark side!

You of course already get Dabbled via email or in your feedreader, right?  I’d be remiss if I didn’t provide a link: Get the Feed (RSS) or Get Dabbled via Email :)