Summer Exploring: Make A Floating Fossil Hunting Screen

This tutorial was written by my brother.  He took my son fossil hunting a while back when we were visiting, and was kind enough to write up the how-to on making the screen to aid in finding treasure in a river or creek.  This would be a fabulous summer project, old enough kids and help make it, and younger ones will just enjoy the hunt!

From the project post:

Most kids like dinosaurs, sharks, and such, so when The Boy and Dot came to visit I decided to take them to creek to look for fossils from dinosaurs, sharks and such. We had a great day, and The Boy found all kinds of shark teeth from millions of years ago. Now while The Boy (3 years old at this point) seemed to be more interested in digging than actually finding things, many older kids really enjoy finding fossils and artifacts. After all, finding stuff is fun! It’s also great to get outside and get some exercise. Anyway, I decided to make a new screen recently, and figured I would document the steps in case anyone else was interested.

Read the whole thing, and get the how-to here: Make a floatable fossil hunting screen

Dot’s on vacation this week, so enjoy a few reruns of Dabbled you might have missed!