I FINALLY got finished with my prizes for the last contests, and they are ready to send out (i stress over making them worthwhile, so it takes me forever!). I’ll post what i sent after everyone’s had a chance to receive them, so as not to ruin the surprise of a package in the mail. (though several are international, so that may take a bit!– y’all post here when you’ve received them, pls!)

And that got me to thinking… i love sending and receiving goodies. I know several websites do ‘swaps’ where you create something and send it to a partner, and get a goodie back in return. Would the dabbled crowd be interested? The more the merrier, but if even just a few people are interested, i think it would be fun!

So, reply here if you think you’d like to participate–with a link back to your site or flickr page – or email me at dot *at* dabbled *dot* org if you’re shy… Artists and crafters welcome.

And we should probably have a theme – any ideas?