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Tutorial: How to Make Environmentally Friendly Reusable Sandwich/Snack Bags

Tutorial:  How to Make Environmentally Friendly Reusable Sandwich/Snack Bags

In my house, we (and by “we,” I mean me and my uninterested husband and kids that I am forcing this on) are doing our best to be better stewards of our environment.  So when Dot asked me to be a guest poster on Dabbled while she sunbathes on an exotic beach being served fruity cocktails by 22-year-old buff cabana boys (I am now thinking I got the raw end of this deal), I immediately racked my brain to come up with a crafty “green” project.… [ KEEP READING ]

wednesday linky goodness…

wednesday linky goodness...

Ooohh.. Way nifty cupcakes! These are just gorgeously done. By lorijohernandez on Flickr (via)

Really nifty writeup on Craftypod, a review of The Pocket Paper Engineer– a book on how to create pop up books! These are so fun and look like some really great projects. (*adds to ever growing list…)

Betz White made this fabulous Etch-A-Sketch Laptop cover! I’m in love… When I get a new laptop, i may have to try this… (via)

Several really cool things from Hostess with the Mostess
a Wii themed party
Child’s Candyland themed party
Denture-like Ice Cubes – too cool and creepy, these might be good for halloween.… [ KEEP READING ]

HOW TO: Finger Puppet Bus

HOW TO: Finger Puppet Bus

Edit: Welcome ParentHackers! Stick around and check out the place! More Tutorials here.

As you probably know, i outsource my ideas that involve woodworking to my fabulous husband, the maker behind the Play Stove, and other cool stuff.

Previously we created a Finger Puppet Bus to store The Boy’s Ikea finger puppets. After Ikeahacker linked to it, I got numerous requests for more detailed instructions. So here they are!… [ KEEP READING ]



Some links to check out!

In forcing herself to get out of her creative funk, The Caffinated Crafter produced this cute little critter. I love him! (and on etsy!)

Little Arty Crafty Crow creates adorable yet slightly creepy little dressed up animals. (on etsy too!)

Bitter Betty has a tutorial/recipe for making an organic Strawberry Lime jam. Yummy!

Really simple graphic tutorial on making felt balls, by Verrito (via whipup.net)

Fabulous give-away at The Secret is in The Sauce.… [ KEEP READING ]

Inspiration Roundup

Inspiration Roundup

Craft Addictions
has a fabulous set of felt food. Love! Click through to see the entire breakfast!

Angry Chicken
has yummy looking homemade marshmallows with chocolate and hazelnuts. Since we had snow last evening (it actually stuck!) I made hot chocolate with “homemade” marshmallows, which were a christmas gift (from Williams Sonoma). Quite tasty, but it would be even better to do homemade.

has an adorable felted sweater teddy bear.… [ KEEP READING ]

New Project Roundup…Sweater Sea Creatures

I’m going to wait til this weekend to start this (hopefully I’ll have a functional camera by then), but I’m sketching out ideas for a sweater octopus and/or a sweater squid to do with my faboo haul of stripey wool sweaters– my husband thinks I should do a cuttlefish too (which could be cool, but i’m picturing long legs, and they don’t really have that). I’ve got about 3 different concepts running around in my head right now…

Although it wasn’t really the inspiration for this concept, the coolest sea creatures can be found on futuregirl!… [ KEEP READING ]