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Ooohh.. Way nifty cupcakes! These are just gorgeously done. By lorijohernandez on Flickr (via)

Really nifty writeup on Craftypod, a review of The Pocket Paper Engineer– a book on how to create pop up books! These are so fun and look like some really great projects. (*adds to ever growing list…)

Betz White made this fabulous Etch-A-Sketch Laptop cover! I’m in love… When I get a new laptop, i may have to try this… (via)

Several really cool things from Hostess with the Mostess
a Wii themed party
Child’s Candyland themed party
Denture-like Ice Cubes – too cool and creepy, these might be good for halloween.

No Interview this Week… I’m looking for suggestions of people you guys think would be cool to interview! If you have nominations, let me know!
Previous Dabbled Interviews:

Interview 1: Diane Gilleland, of Craftypod
Interview 2: Diana Evans, Artist
Interview 3: Shannon Riffe, of Make It and Rifferaff
Interview 4: Cory Godbey, Artist and Author of “Ticket”

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    Oooh! Great links! I’m off to check out the ice cubes.

  • Magpie's Mumblings [] :

    Thanks fo the links! Re the interview question…how about SharonB or Arlee of Albedo Designs or Allison Aller?