Take a break from holiday stress: Girls Night Out! (& Giveaway!)

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girls night out

We all know how it is this time of year… we get so busy with shopping & family & busy schedules. So what I REALLY need this time of year is just a fun night out with the girls (no offense, guys!). So that’s what we did the other night — left the kids and the boys at home, and hit the town! Well, hit the town as much as moms who have to get up early the next day can, at least…

Recipe for a successful girls night:

  1. Good friends (and mine are the best!)
  2. A good place to go that’s conducive to talking and sharing.  We decided on tapas at Pura Vida (highly recommend, for those of you in Atlanta).  This worked out great since we just orders bunches of good food to share.
  3. Fun cocktails – my favorite for the evening was a margarita made with grapefruit soda, which I’m determined to recreate… Stay tuned for that!
  4. Money to spend*.  The nice thing about tapas for dinner is that we set a general budget at the beginning, and then just split the bill up 4 ways at the end.  No stress.  Consider it a Christmas present to your mental health!

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  • Gee [] :

    I’ve signed up with Serve!

  • Susan [] :

    I could definitely use a Girls Night Out!

  • FW- Dot Dorsner [] (elsewhere) discussed this :

    Go enter! RT: @DotatDabbled: Comment here for a chance to win $100 and fund your own girls night out! http://t.co/WclGglAb

  • Katherine [] :

    I love a good GNO!

  • Kelli [] :

    Count me in for the next one!

  • Dena [] :

    I will be looking forward to trying that grapefruit soda cocktail!! (In the name of my mental health, of course!)

  • Melissa [] :

    Ooooh I’ve been looking for a new tapas place to try! I’d love to take $100 for a night of fun with my girls!

  • Amy [] :

    Who’s goin’ with me if I win? :)~

  • Karen [] :

    Sounds like you had a wonderful time. :)

  • grieg [] :

    wish i was a girl….sounds like you had fun.

  • Dennis [] :

    Sounds like a festive fun

  • Erica Best [] :

    I signed up for a Serve account!

    purple_lover_04 at msn dot com

  • anna pry [] :

    i have a serve account

  • Carissa [] :

    I want a Girl’s WEEKEND!! Can you help arrange that? :)

  • Carissa Rogers [] (elsewhere) discussed this :

    YO! $100 GIVEAWAY Dabbled | Take a break from holiday stress: Girls Night Out! http://t.co/sDImX2z2 pls share!

  • Cindy [] :

    Would love to treat my friends to a girls night out! I signed up! cindyorley @ akronohiomoms.com I would love to win to buy birthday party stuff for my 2 kids birthday parties in January! Thanks for the chance!

  • Matt [] :

    I signed up and like getting $10 right away. my email is matt @ remarkableteam.com I would use the $ for paying off Christmas!

  • Lisa [] :

    I’d love a girls night out! Believe me, after the month I’ve had I could use it!!!

  • Rondah [] :

    I signed up under rjs682 at yahoo dot com.
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Robin [] :

    I signed up!

  • ryana [] :

    I have an acct with Serve.
    The acct is under ryanac32 at yahoo dot com