Teaching kids to read…

So, a query for you more experienced parents out there:

The Boy just turned 5, and we’ve been wondering what and how much to do around beginning reading.   He loves to be read to — we read both picture and chapter books to him before bedtime every night, and he has a learning video game that he likes, that seems to have some basic phonics and sight words in it.  But he’s not really showing much interest in reading himself.   He can spell a few words, and is pretty good with letter sounds.  So I’m wondering… do we try to work on this with him, or just let it develop naturally, and let kindergarten worry about it in the fall?

I did think this was a cute idea from Filth Wizardry:  Using Duplo blocks to make words and sentences.

Here’s ‘learning to read toy’ from Quirky Momma: How to make a word learning Cootie Catcher. (via ParentHacks) (removed link because a virus warning was reported, and let Quirky Momma know)

Any other cool ideas to make learning to read fun?

Meh, enough learning…  for those who liked the Futurama cupcakes yesterday, here are some more featuring Brain Slugs (via Craftzine).