Thanksgiving’s over… Leftovers?

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Vegan Leftover Pizza!

Vegan Leftover Pizza!

A few quick ideas… Do you have your own tricks for using up your leftovers?

Vegan Thanksgiving Leftover Pizza

Turkey Panini

Curried Turkey  Croquettes

Leftover Pies

Day After Thanksgiving Food ideas

10 Tasty ideas for leftover turkey

10 More ideas from Women’s Day

And finally:
Make and Freeze Homemade Stock at Dabbled  – If you’ve got a turkey carcass, make use of it and keep the delicious stock for future cookies use!

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  • megacrafty [] :

    I have a recipe for leftover cranberry sauce muffins here-

    And we always used the leftover turkey to make turkey noodle soup in my family.