Thursday Inspirations

Apologies for the light (read: non-existent) posting this week. The 4 year old was home with me until Pre-K started back on Wednesday, so I’m just now getting caught up!

But, I did manage to collect a few cool links for your chilly January pleasure!

Washer Necklaces - Little Birdie SecretsI love these washer necklaces at Little Birdie Secrets…Go check out the tutorial!

Crochet a Mustache Hat!

darth vader papercraft - from toy-a-dayThe Boy is seriously into Star Wars… So we made papercraft Star Wars characters the other day! Check out all the designs for free download on Toy-a-Day.

Oh, and a big shout out to Instructables… I won second place in their Halloween Contest (Food Category) with the Flayed Skin Cheeseball… I got my prize… a T-shirt and a Dremel the other day!
– I love Instructables as a great place for project ideas and how-to’s : See My Instructables!

Bloody Hand - the Pancake Project
Too funny – A Bloody Severed Hand Waffle at The Pancake Project… See that and more cool links at the always fun Superpunch

Do you sell crafts? Check out the Crafty Seller Roundup on One Pretty Thing!

A classy cool play kitchen (and other homemade gifts), at Creative Kismet. Made by hacking Ikea stuff, I love it! [See past posts on homemade play stoves here and here.

Some incredibly cool stuff from Just Something I Made…

(thanks for the tip, Dudecraft!)