Tiny Prints cards for Father’s Day (and a free one for you, too!)

If you remember, Tiny Prints sponsored a great blog party for Dabbled and some fellow Atlanta bloggers last month for mother’s day.  Well, due to some technical difficulties, I didn’t have a chance to order mother’s day cards prior to the deadline for arrival by mother’s day, so I decided not to push it and order some cards for father’s day instead!  And they just came in, and they are lovely.  (Oh, and if you’re my husband stop reading this!)

(Want your own?  Go to the Tiny Prints facebook page and get a free card code for Liking them.)

father's day cards

I ordered 3 cards, for both granddads and dad (aka my hubby).  The quality was excellent, and I loved the ease of adding your own photos, not only to the outside of the card, but to the inside of the card as well.  For the 2 granddad cards, I did 2 photos on the front, then a big photo on the inside, opposite the text (see above).  Of course, since it’s all about the Grandson with them, all the pictures are basically of him, hehe.  One word of advice — have a selection of photos already picked out prior to starting the card creation process.  Then it’s easy to just drag and drop them in.

For the Dad card, I did 3 photos with captions on the inside, which I thought was a neat touch.  And much of the text–including the fonts– is customizable.

You can’t really see the envelopes, but they are nice as well, with an embossed To: From: and the addresses printed for you, if you like.

For me, the ultimate procrastinator, the best part is they will not only print the addresses on the envelops, they’ll and even stamp them for you (I never have stamps!) and actually even MAIL them for you if time is tight, for only the cost of the stamp.  Awesomeness.

So, get on over to their facebook and get your free card!.

I’m very selective on products that I will promote on Dabbled, because I respect you guys–the readers–intelligence, and I want to be sure that anything I talk about will be both relevant, and something I’d recommend personally.  Tiny Prints did spring for the party, and provided these cards for free, but any comments and impressions are mine, and if I didn’t like them, I’d tell you.