Travel Tissue Cover tutorial at Some Art Talk

Trying to catch up on all my fave blogs today (last week was totally non productive!) and ran across this cute travel tissue cover tutorial from the always fab Colleen at Some Art Talk. I know a lot of people are looking for stash busting ideas, and this is a cute one!

April is officially STASH BUSTER Month, per one of my favorite blogs Crafting a Green World.

What, you may ask, is a fabric shop owner doing participating in such an non buying event?

WELL, I am an extremely talented hunter and gatherer of wonderful fabrics. I am there, I love fabric. Now I own a shop full of it, BUT what do I do with all the great fabrics that are languishing unused in my sewing room. Well, one thing for sure, I can’t use them for shop samples, I did that ONCE and I finally took it down after explaining over 100 times that NO we did not have that fabric. So this month will be about sewing for me, my family and maybe for craft shows next November & December.


I started this tutorial about a week ago by searching for other folks’ tutorials, there are a bunch out there. After reading a few of them I found I needed to change them, so here is my version of how to make this super simple gift.

Read the Whole Thing!