Warning for flickr users…

Some of you may have heard about this already, but I hadn’t, so passing it along.. Apparently there is a phishing scam going around on flickr, and you should be very careful about NEVER entering your ID or Password on anywhere you receive as a link from a comment or email. (this is of course a good practice on other sites as well, even if you don’t use flickr)

” Recently, I received such a comment on one of my photos and clicked on the link included within it. This led me to a login screen seemingly still within Flickr. The people behind that site did a very good job replicating Flickr. You had to be very conscious of your actions not to proceed and follow what you were being instructed to do, namely, enter your Yahoo!/Flickr username and password.

Lucky for me, I did realize that there was something phishy going on here. I was already logged into Flickr so this login request did not make sense to me. I checked the location bar of the browser, and as expected, it did not say flickr.com/etc. Then I did a search for phishing on Flickr groups and confirmed that this was not something I wanted to pursue. “ from Crooked Timber

Once they get your name and password, they can delete your photos, post as you, get to your email if you use Yahoo! mail with the same name, etc. Very bad.

More about how a guy lost 5000 photos from Virginia Postrel.