Way cool Dr. Who Tardis Cake!

Check out this nifty Dr. Who cake by Dabbled friend The Domestic Scientist… A Tardis and flying Daleks? How geeky cool! (We interviewed Renee here)

For my birthday I decided to be crazy-go-nuts on my own birthday cake and really push my boundaries as a novice baker. I figured since the only one to disappoint is myself, no harm in trying something that can fail horribly, right? And ya know what, I didn’t do too bad.

I didn’t use any fondant, since I hate the stuff. It’s almond cake and rice krispie treats with modeling chocolate for the cake and gumpaste for the Daleks. Did you know modeling chocolate is remarkably easy to make? I did learn that you can’t paint it like fondant. It acts like a waxed car. But it tastes DELICIOUS. I mean, who wouldn’t love cake covered in chocolate?? So yup, besides the wooden dowels, it was 100% edible! I’m quite proud of that.

Go read the whole thing!